Summit of technology
Our New Production Line

Production power creating the Çimstone quality is based on the state-of-the-art Breton technology. In two separate production lines, Çimstone carries out the production of 305x140cm, 310x152 cm and 330x165cm slabs.

Our second line which we put into operation in early 2020 introduced the state-of-the-art Breton technology to our country. With our new investment, our production capacity has been doubled up. Thanks to four mixers installed in our production line, we appear before you with more colour and texture alternatives.

We have undersigned innovations in terms of both colour and pattern in our product collection with our new line which brings uninterrupted solutions to space design by manufacturing larger slabs.

Çimstone Production Processes
  • Material Preparation

    Incoming raw materials are prepared  in accordance with the production recipe.

  • Mixing

    Raw material so prepared is homogenously in mixers.

  • Casting

    Prepared mixture is evenly spread in the mould by means of a distributor.

  • Pressing

    The slab in the mould is pressed.

  • Curing

    Pressed slab is cured in the kiln.

  • Cooling

    Slab coming out of the kiln enters the cooling tunnel.

  • Trimming

    Burrs occurring on the edges of the slab are trimmed.

  • Calibration

    Slab is calibrated and thicknesses on its surface are evened.

  • Polishing

    Surface of the slab is polished after the calibration process.

  • Quality Control and Storage

    Each slab is inspected and quality-controlled by specialised teams. Slabs are categorised by their quality. Those slabs passing the quality control are safely stored in the storage area.