Stubborn Stains

It is so easy to get rid of stubborn stains and dried residues

Apply the multi-purpose cleaning agent or detergent which you can easily find in the aisles of markets to your cloth. Rinse the surface when you get rid of the stubborn stain. 

For more persistent stains, rub the stain by using a scouring sponge and a multi-purpose cleaning agent. Cleaning agents added with bleach are quite successful on persistent stains; however, it should be rinsed after use. 

To remove stains and traces

In order to remove such stuck materials as leftovers, chewing gum, nail polish and dried paint, scrape the residue using a spatula. In case grey metal traces caused by the spatula remain, clean with the cleaning agent and scouring sponge you use at all times and then rinse. 

To remove rust and lime stains

For the rust and lime stains occurring on your Çimstone counter, directly apply descaling and rust- removing agents to the stain and carry out rinsing at the end of the operation. While such strong rust-removing and descaling agents as Porçöz and Hydrochloric Acid have not been observed to have any impacts on surfaces in the 24h laboratory tests, we do not suggest such products to be used unless it is so necessary.