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What is Çimstone?

Çimstone is a quartz-based composite stone manufactured by an advanced technological process developed by the Italian company Breton. One of the hardest mineral stones available in the nature, quartz gives Çimstone a unique strength and durability. Thanks to the quartz mineral which constitutes its texture, Çimstone is a stain resistant, hygienic surface covering material with various colour and texture alternatives, which shows a high abrasion, scratch and impact resistance and which is affected by almost no acids and bases.

What is quartz?

Quartz is the hardest mineral stones next to diamond, sapphire and topaz in the nature. Thanks to quartz with its 7 Mohs hardness which is quite close to diamond with its hardness of 10 Mohs, Çimstone is not scratched by metallic or other materials and shows a life-long high abrasive strength even in areas where there is an intense circulation. Having a high bending and impact strength, Çimstone does not easily crack nor break in the course of such operations as cutting or transport. Further, quartz which is one of the stones with most intensive curative properties stimulates brain functions. It clears off the negative energy occurring around a person and attracts the positive energy.

What is a composite stone?

A composite stone is the name given to the derivatives of natural stones that are cleared of the disadvantages thereof. Manufactured by the use of the state-of-the-art technologies, composite stones are cleared of such negative properties of natural stones as capillary cracks, liquid absorption, fragility, reaction with chemicals and easy abrasion.

How to Manufacture Çimstone?

Çimstone is manufactured in the form of slabs. Manufacturing process of Çimstone slabs starts with natural quartz particles in granulated form. Quarried from the best quality quartz deposits, selected quartz particles of different sizes are mixed with resin and pigments and turned into a non-porous, compact and hard surface material by the vibropress system in which vibration and press are applied.

What are the advantages provided by Çimstone?

Çimstone is a stainless, non-porous, hygienic material with high abrasive, scratch and impact strength which may be easily cleaned and which does not therefore require furbishing nor polishing nor special care. Çimstone, which may be manufactured in different textures, with various effect materials and in a large range of colours, provides ideal solutions for kitchen counters and vanity tops owing to its aesthetic look, superior strength and ease of use.

Why should I prefer Çimstone?

Çimstone is elegant with beautiful colour and texture alternatives and unique with aesthetic look complementing the architectural line of modern kitchens. It is strong due to the quartz’s superiority of strength and is a special surface covering material holding a certificate of hygiene owing to its stain free texture which does not absorb liquid. An affiliate of the AKG Group, which is the manufacturer of contemporary and reliable materials and a leader of investments in the Turkish construction industry, Çimstone collaborates with more than 4000 fabricators in Turkey and takes place with its display stands in thousands of fitted kitchen stores throughout the country and can reach consumers through approximately 100 warehouses at all locations. It creates a different culture through corporate guarantee, high-quality products and customer-oriented service approaches on counters and tops in the kitchen and bathroom sector.

Would you compare Çimstone with other natural stones, especially with granite and marble? 

Unlike other natural stones, Çimstone, which does not have any hairline cracks nor absorb liquids, is stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with everyday cleaning agents and even with only a damp cloth. Natural stones with micro pores and hairline cracks absorb water and become stained and create a suitable environment for bacteria to live in. Due to its compact texture, Çimstone does not allow bacteria to propagate and is hygienic. Çimstone is certified as the safest surface on which food may be prepared thanks to the NSF certificate it holds. Çimstone is not damaged by the abrasive impact of such materials as vinegar, lemon, olive oil, wine, etc. used in the kitchen every day. Taking its gloss from the natural lustre of quartz, Çimstone maintains its initial look for many years without any necessity for furbishing and polishing unlike marble and granite. While natural stones may not be found at any required quantity and quality as they are limited to reserves, Çimstone may be manufactured in different colours suitable for different expectations. 

Could you compare Çimstone with other massive surfaces similar to acrylic or polyester?

Çimstone is composed of pure quartz, a mineral stone completely obtained from the nature. Çimstone’s lustrous beauty and unique strength also comes from the quartz constituting its texture. And such derivatives as acrylic and polyester, etc. are 100% acrylic and polyester resin-based and do not have any stone contents. Therefore, massive surfaces similar to acrylic or polyester do not have the reflective and lustrous properties of natural stone. They are more easily scratched and have lower abrasive strength as they are softer.

How can I distinguish Çimstone from other countertop materials?

It is easy to understand if Çimstone brand has been applied to a countertop. Çimstone’s logo, product code and production lot number have been printed on the back of the Çimstone slabs by laser ink-jet since 2009. You can track the origin of your product by looking at the back of the stone. 

Is Çimstone a synthetic product?

Çimstone is not a synthetic product; which is mainly made of natural quartz. Çimstone’s strength arises from the fact that its raw material is a uniquely hard mineral.

How can I maintain Çimstone’s natural beauty?

Simple and routine care is sufficient for Çimstone to maintain its natural gloss and aesthetic look. A damp cloth and a small amount of liquid detergent are sufficient for ideal cleaning. Çimstone is not stained due to its compact texture. Only by wiping, the surface regains its initial new and clean look. Please review the Care and Maintenance Manual for more information. 

How can I remove dried remains and persistent stains?

Çimstone is strong but not indestructible. Çimstone is quite strong against breakage, abrasion and scratching. Just like all surfaces, Çimstone may be permanently damaged in case it is exposed to such impacts (very strong chemicals and solvents, thermal shock, excessive force or impact applied to the surface, etc.) which will impair its physical properties. For this reason, make sure to take any necessary care for any issues contained in the Care and Maintenance Manual and do not ever neglect to use a chopping board and table mat in all circumstances.

Can I do cutting and chopping operations directly on a Çimstone counter?

Thanks to the quartz mineral of a hardness of 7 Mohs which constitutes its texture, Çimstone displays a high scratch and abrasive strength. Thus, cutting and chopping operations may be easily carried out without a chopping board on a Çimstone counter and the whole of the counter may be used as a working area while making dinner. However we suggest you to use a chopping board so that Çimstone may maintain its initial look for many years. Please review the Care and Maintenance Manual for more information.

Is Çimstone heat-resistant? May I place a hot cooking pot or frying pan on it?

Çimstone is structurally more resistant to heat as compared to other stones in short-term contact. However, any kind of stone may be damaged in case it is exposed to any sudden and rapid changes in temperature. We suggest that the surface should be protected against variances in temperature as with all other materials. For this reason, kitchen utensils which reach too high a temperature such as cooking pot picked from fire should be prevented from contacting the counter and a table mat should be placed under such pots. It may be expected that a surface exposed to high temperatures may give different reactions by the product properties (cracking, discoloration, surface deterioration). As those parts which are processed and on which cutting takes place and inner and outer corners of counters are particularly weak areas, they should not be exposed to heat. Moreover, attention should be paid to the reflected heat in such works as barbeque, frying in oil, jam or sauce making which require extremely high heat.

Is a Çimstone surface suitable for preparing food on it? 

Yes, Çimstone’s non-porous compact surface does not absorb liquids nor is stained; it does not create a suitable environment for the propagation of bacteria. Manufactured in compliance with the TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) standards and completely satisfying the NSF 51 Food Zones Compliance criteria set by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which is an internationally leading certification body, Çimstone is certified to be the safest surface on which food may be prepared. Çimstone, which holds the same certification grade as stainless steel owing to the NSF certificate, may be safely used in domestic and commercial kitchens. 

Are there any chemicals or cleaning agents which must be avoided to use on a Çimstone surface?

The product may be permanently damaged in case of long-term contact with alkali products containing active hydroxide (drain opener, etc.), products containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride (heavy oil solvents, stain and paint removers, etc.). In case the surface is exposed to any of these damaging substances, immediately wipe it with water and prevent any damage from occurring.

Should I apply polish to the Çimstone surface?

No. Çimstone is a non-porous material; therefore, it is not ever necessary to apply polish to Çimstone surfaces. Çimstone’s gloss is the natural gloss of quartz which constitutes its texture. No polishing is to be applied to Çimstone subsequently. This type of an application results in defects on the surface. 

How will Çimstone maintain its gloss? Does it need any polishing for gloss?

Çimstone gets its gloss from the natural lustre of quartz and maintains its natural gloss and smooth texture for many years. It does not require any subsequent polishing and any polishing must not be definitely carried out on the stone. Otherwise, a permanent surface defect occurs. Surface gloss is measured by means of a glossmeter and represents the percentage of the light reflected from the surface. Çimstone has two different types of surface: glossy and matte. Routine and simple cleaning with a damp cloth and a small amount of liquid detergent will be sufficient so that glossy Çimstone surfaces can maintain their initial gloss. Nevertheless, use all detergents and cleaning products at the rates recommended by the manufacturers thereof and make sure to rinse the surfaces with water. Otherwise, cleaning agents deposited on surfaces may chemically affect the surface in the long run and create permanent hazy look. On the other hand, any traces such as fingerprints which will appear in everyday use will be more noticeable on matte surfaces in a more distinct manner as compared to glossy surfaces and therefore such surfaces will require more daily care. We recommend you to regularly use non-abrasive bathroom-kitchen surface cleaners on surfaces of this kind.

May I scratch a Çimstone surface with a knife? What is the impact of metals on Çimstone?

Çimstone is not scratched while carrying out any cutting and chopping operation on it. Any traces you will see on the Çimstone surface after carrying out any operations with a knife or any traces resulting from the friction of metallic parts on the buckle of your belt on the front of the counter are just “metal dust”. Pour gel or spray cleaning agent on such stains and rub it with the hard side of a scouring sponge in order to remove any metal traces occurring in this way and then make sure to rinse them. We suggest you to use a cutting board so that Çimstone will maintain its initial look and gloss for many years. Please review the Care and Maintenance Manual for more information.

Can I use Çimstone in bathroom?

Yes. You can apply Çimstone not only to your kitchens but to your bathrooms as well. Kitchens and bathrooms are such spaces in which sanitary conditions gain great importance. While surface covering materials with micro pores and hairline cracks absorb water and are stained, they also create a suitable environment for bacteria to live. Invisible microorganisms find so suitable an environment for propagation in wet spaces in particular. For these reasons, wet spaces require a different fastidiousness ad consciousness in selecting surface covering materials. Çimstone provides hygiene thanks to its compact texture which is not stained and does not allow bacteria propagation in kitchens and bathrooms where sanitary conditions gain great importance.

Will there be any variances of shade in Çimstone? Will the Çimstone sample I see have exactly the same shade as the products brought in to my home?

Thousands of square meters Çimstone may be manufactured in any desired colour and texture as it is not limited to the reserves unlike natural stones; however, it is important to know that its texture is made of quartz. Location of the deposits where this natural mineral stone is quarried varies and therefore variances of shade may be seen in quartz in a manner similar to that in natural stones. Variance of shade is a property which not only appears on the basis of production lot but results from the variance in quartz sources as well. Further, quartz distribution randomly occurring on the surface of the product may be also perceived as a variance of shade. In case of random distribution, particles may gather together at a place while they are sparsely placed elsewhere. In particular, pattern and background shade of a product may display variances due to random distribution at the time of the same production provided that production parameters will not change in granite-looking products and in the products with effects.

Can I use Çimstone as a counter-top panel application in lieu of mosaic or ceramic? 

Yes. You can also use Çimstone as an alternative to mosaic and ceramic in vertical applications between the kitchen cupboard and the counter or behind the extractor fan.

What are the colour alternatives in Çimstone?

Çimstone has an unlimited colour and texture alternatives thanks to its production technology. Many diverse effect materials such as mirror, coloured glass, sea shells, basalt, brass shavings, etc. may be added to Çimstone, which is coloured by inorganic pigments. Except for the colour ranges developed in line with the architectural trends and kept in stocks all year long, project-specific production may also be carried out. Please visit the Gallery section in order to be able to choose from the Çimstone colours available in the market. You are recommended to reach an agreement with the fabricator before the workmanship and application of Çimstone slabs planned to be used on your countertop. Small samples only provide approximate product and colour information.

How can I choose Çimstone, which is most suitable for my kitchen model and cupboard doors?

Mirror-containing Çimstone stones add lustre and depth to your kitchen thanks to the original mirror effects in the stone and accord with the lacquered furniture, metallic accessories and Inox (stainless steel) built-in equipment frequently encountered in kitchen designs. Inspired by the nature, fine granule-containing, homogenously-textured Çimstone counters in earth colours and pastel shades make it easy for us to create kitchens which will not strain the eyes nor go out of fashion. While Çimstone counters in black which is the symbol of elegance and in white which is the symbol of cleanliness and simplicity achieves an excellent accord with glass and mirror accessories, they add a contemporary line and a natural motion to your kitchen when used as a contrast to the cupboard doors. In Çimstone, which reflects textures of natural stone in its products, there are also alternatives available for those who hold on to the classic and nostalgia. In order to be able to visualise the kitchen of your dreams and to make the best choice, you can see the Çimstone display stands contained in workshops and select fitted kitchen stores all over Turkey or review the Gallery section in which countertop application references are available.

Could you please give some information about the price of Çimstone?

Price of a Çimstone counter varies by the surface area of the place where it is to be applied, the workmanship and product selection which will be preferred.  Price of a finished product is quoted by the workshops after the measurements are taken. 

Does your company have studies on environmental awareness?

With respect to environmental issues, Çimstone sensitively fulfils what falls to its share in terms of collecting, treating and recycling liquid waste, efficiently using rapidly-diminishing natural resources in its production processes and in terms of production and products compliant with human health. Its production facility sets an example for the other companies and the community in its neighbourhood for maintaining a verdant environment with its well-landscaped and afforested premises. Water and wastes used in the production of Çimstone are segregated by the automated water treatment technology and the water so treated is fed back to the operating unit, thus minimising the water and power consumption. Glass and mirror chips used in the Çimstone products are recycled materials.