Time-Saving Convenience

Permanent hygiene through simple cleaning
To make your beloved ones happy Choice of Çimstone where we spend time in pursuit of flavours turns back to you as less time spent for counter cleaning every day.                          

Simple cleaning is sufficient so that your Çimstone counter maintains its natural gloss and aesthetic look for many years. A damp cloth and a small amount of liquid detergent are ideal for cleaning.

Cleaning of counter is quickly completed with Çimstone, which does not absorb liquids nor takes in any particles that will result in stains thanks to its non-porous texture.
Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning of your kitchen counter on which you create delicious recipes will not be a problem thanks to your Çimstone choice.

Stubborn Stains

Apply a multi-purpose cleaning agent or detergent which you can easily find on the cleaning aisles of markets to your cloth. Rinse the surface when you get rid of the persistent stain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions, what you wonder: What is Çimstone?, What is quartz?, What is a composite stone?, How is Çimstone manufactured?, What are the advantages offered by Çimstone? Why should I prefer Çimstone? And many more…